A tuition-free, public charter school
serving grades 6-12 in Pleasant View, Utah.

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Mrs. Tammi Ross

Trustee of the Board

Mrs. Ross is very excited to be joining the Capstone Board because education has been central to her life. She has had the opportunity to experience a variety of collegiate settings. She attended a small private college, Coe College, her freshman year on a music scholarship.  Due to health challenges, she attended Indian Hills Community College her sophomore year.  She then completed her bachelor’s in psychology at the University of Iowa. Mrs. Ross then attended the Center for Montessori Teacher Education North Carolina for early education teacher training.

Mrs. Ross has been married to her husband, Phil, for 20 years. She was a part of the Marine Corps Key Wives program during Phil’s career of 20+ years.  They have chosen to use a hybrid of charter schools, cooperatives and home school to educate their three children. Mrs. Ross has 18 years of experience in researching, designing and implementing personalized education plans. She is looking forward to working with the counseling department and forming the ILPs for students, as well as working on the Parent and Scholar Handbook. She has coordinated classes in a variety of age groups from Kindergarten through High School, from ancient Greece and Rome hands on learning to high school biology labs and her vast experience will be highly appreciated and sought out by the teachers and staff at CCA.

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